For the many Americans whose front yards have had a "for sale" sign displayed for months on end, a new sell-it-yourself guide helps homeowners get bids and sell their homes in just weeks. Finally, some good news if you're having a hard time selling property in today's turtle-paced housing market.

It's all laid out for you in a "sell-it-yourself" system, just published by California real estate pros who've been selling a different way for nearly 14 years with great success in any market.

It's called the "Fast Action Home Sales System" -; a step-by-step guide that helps homeowners sell their homes quickly on their own, with or without a real estate agent.

The system uses unique "for sale" signs (and lots of them); compelling print ads; a custom-built web site; even your own 800 phone number to field dozens of calls sellers can expect from the blizzard of advertising they create leading up to one frenzied weekend.

"Even in today's market, we typically get 75 to 150 prospective buyers to a home on Saturday and Sunday," says Conrad Kuiken of Compass Realty in Carlsbad, Calif. "Then crowd psychology takes over. Buyers start bidding on the property, and we almost always get at least one bid at fair market value."

System developers Kuiken and George Cappony have assisted in marketing thousands of houses in all parts of the country and in all price ranges using this system.

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"Sellers have sold everything from $100,000 condos to $3 million mansions," said Cappony. "Good market, bad market, it doesn't matter; there are buyers out there, and our system will find them."

The entire process normally takes between two and three weeks from start to finish.

"Pick a date, get everything ready, follow the system, and it's very likely you'll sell your property," Kuiken said.