How to sell a home?

Mark had a $7,000 dollar-a-month problem -; a mortgage on a home he couldn't sell.

Mark, a real estate professional, built the $1.25 million dollar property in an upscale Phoenix, Ariz. neighborhood, then watched it sit for over a year. With mortgage payments eating into his potential profits, Mark dropped his price several times. Buyers weren't interested.

"If you told me then what I know today, I would have shot you," Mark said jokingly. What didn't Mark know? That the housing market would crash.

In today's depressed housing market, profits prove unrealistic. Homeowners with sitting properties need to sell quickly.

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Mark, accustomed to selling homes himself, turned to the Fast Action Homes Sales System to learn how to sell his property. Signs, printed ads and a custom-built Web site led to a weekend bidding war.

With a grueling year and a half on the market behind him, Mark sold his property in only three weeks following use of the new system. In selling for market value, Mark escaped the holding costs that threatened to ruin his personal finances. Figuratively, he lost two fingers in his real estate deal -; but he saved his hand.

In a down market, people who are set on a high asking price will see holding costs drain money from their wallets. The market cannot absorb the number of homes needing sale. Experts predict that the housing market will only worsen. Waiting for an upturn will leave sellers bankrupt.

On the same weekend that Mark sold his property, two other Phoenix residents also used the Fast Action Homes Sales System.

Judy, an interior designer, used the Fast Action System to attract over 100 visitors to an open house. She received nine offers.

John, an appraiser, rented his house to the wrong people -; his former tenants caused $30,000 in damages. To pay for repairs, John put himself in credit card debt. He needed to sell the house just to cover his bills. The Fast Action Home Sales System led several buyers to offer market value for John's house. John could not profit from the sale, but he could cover his losses.

Today's market leaves property owners with two options. They can either rent out their properties until the market improves, or they can escape the worst by selling their homes now.