Drone Quote Roof

Our Background in Solar

Founders Sinuhe Montoya and Riley Wiggins have both spent several years within the solar industry. They have been in involved in all aspects of solar – from making solar installation sales, solar panel design, and solar operations and maintenance.

In the customer sales process, Sinuhe and Riley found that there was a lot of room for improvement to make it easier for customers to buy solar by helping them better understand what they’re getting. They’ve created a simple and convenient platform in which potential buyers can compare solar installation quotes from trusted, local solar installation vendors throughout San Diego County and Southern California.

The DroneQuote Mission

Increase your satisfaction by saving you time and money with our hassle-free DroneQuote survey method. DroneQuote is so simple you do not even need to be home for the survey.

Offer a modern and safer method of shopping for roofing and solar by removing the tiresome in-home sales process and salesmen on your roof, ensuring the prevention of broken roof materials - guaranteed!

Provide you with easy-to-understand roofing and solar installation quote comparisons.

Improve vendors design and quote accuracy with our drone surveying measurement technology, ensuring you get presented with the best and more accurate quotes.

Practice transparency and continue to show that we value you, your time, and your opinions by having clear and open lines of communication. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us, we appreciate hearing from you!